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Feb 13, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 2/13/2012 Tags: , , , , ,

html5sql - A Light Javascript Module That Makes Working With The HTML5 Web Database Easier

html5sql is a light JavaScript module that makes working with the HTML5 Web Database a whole lot easier. Its primary function is to provides a structure for the SEQUENTIAL processing of SQL statements within a single transaction. This alone greatly simplifies the interaction with the database however it doesn't stop there. Many other smaller features have been included to make things easier, more natural and more convenient for the programmer.  Below are the core features:
  • Provide the capability to sequentially process SQL in many different forms:
  • As a single SQL statement string.
  • As an array of SQL statement strings.
  • As an array of SQL statement objects (if you want to inject data into the SQL or get a callback after each SQL statement is processed)
  • As a string containing multiple SQL statements, each of which ends in a semicolon.
  • From a completely separate file containing SQL statements.
  • Provide a framework for controlling the version of a database.
Requirements: None
License: MIT License

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