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Mar 28, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 3/28/2012 Tags: ,

Kickstrap - A Full Version Of Twitter's Bootstrap With Themes, Enhancements, And Other Goodies

Kickstrap is a full version of Twitter's Bootstrap (interested in more Twitter Bootstrap resources?  Check out the Twitter Bootstrap Channel on Functionn) with themes, enhancements, and other goodies.  It boasts the following features:
  • Ready to go: Developers will love the advanced features, but novices need not worry about customization. Kickstrap is drag-and-drop ready to go. I've even included two sample html files with everything linked and the best features turned on.
  • Minify and Optimize on the Fly: With HTML5 Boilerplate's build script, your entire directory of javascript, css, and images can be minified and optimized with two simple words (ant build) in the command line. (Optional)
  • Cross-everything: Bootstrap did such an awesome job with css @media support, I've turned it on by default and responsively-designed the default Kickstrap theme.
  • Javscript plugins: I've carefully selected a few optional javascript plugins to bring a little more life to your Kickstrap project.
  • Sparkling HTML: The included starter HTML files are ready to go with code for Google Analytics, CDN-hosted jQuery with local fallback, IE version detection, responsive screen detection, HTML5 Polyfilling (via Modernizr), and several other delightfully nerdy things.
  • Styleguide docs: Kickstrap builds on top of Bootstrap, that means Bootstrap's core layout code is still valid in Kickstrap and documented here.
  • Themes Included: Easily activate and install themes. Using a LESS compiler, Kickstrap will override Bootstrap's default style where needed so your users won't need to download an extra stylesheet.
  • Icon Fonts > Images: The glyphicon library has been  replaced with the identical, extended, and awesome  Font Awesome and  IcoMoon, specially made for Bootstrap. Here's why icon fonts are awesome.
  • Workflow Tools: With the HTML5 Boilerplate Buildscript, easily compress, minify, and optimize your site files automatically.

Requirements: None
License: Apache License v2.0

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