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Jun 16, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 6/16/2012 Tags: , , , , , ,

Mobello - An HTML5 Framework For Building Native-Like Mobile Apps

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Mobello is high performance JavaScript framework for HTML5 mobile apps. You can build native-like HTML5 apps for smartphones and tablets with Mobello.  Mobello is scalable and robust framework suited for fast and rich user interface.

Features Overview

  • Easy-To-Use - Mobello is a framework that aims to ease development of mobile web apps. 
  • Native-Like UI - Mobello gives you a native experience on the web.
  • Clean Architecture - With MVC architecture and clean component model, you can keep your code sensible and organized.
  • Integrated Development Environment - You can use Mobello Studio to develop, design and test HTML5 web apps, which give you ultimate productivity.

Mobello.js - Core Runtime

Runtime manages the lifecycle of web apps and provides abstraction layers for user interaction and animation, advanced effects.
  • Device agnostic event system (touch events)
  • Provides advanced amimation
  • Runtime system for multi-tasking
  • Provides Controllers for general UX patterns

UI Components

Mobello includes a complete set of user interface components for building rich mobile web apps.
  • 20+ beautifully designed components
  • Supports wide range of device form-factor
  • Optimized for touch UI
  • Highly extendable and customizable components

Mobello Studio

  • Design web apps with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Leverage the latest web technologies and specifications.
  • You don’t have to concern vendor prefixes like -webkit or -moz.

Visual Design Editor

Studio helps you add or remove components easily and accurately, with features such as drag and drop.  You can preview while editing, with standard compliant css rendering engine.

Real-time Synchronized Editing

You can edit contents in real time in either the source view or the design view, and those changes are reflected in the other view on the fly.

JavaScript Debugging

  • Set up breakpoints in source code
  • Step into/over/out
  • Inspect variables
  • Consolve view

Device Emulator

  • Emulate device form factor (iOS and android)
  • Rotate / Zoom / Multi-touch gesture

Powerful Layout Editing

  • Alignment/snap-to-line helps you arrange UI components.
  • Visual editor support a range of layouts: absolute layout/flow layout/flexbox layout.

Eclipse plug-in architecture

  • Eclipse is industry-standard IDE platform and open source. You can build native apps along with plugins which Appspresso or PhoneGap provides.

Requirements: None
License: LGPL

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