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Jul 13, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 7/13/2012 Tags: , , ,

Social Web Icons - 25 Gorgeous SVG Icons With PNG Fallbacks

Social Web Icons is a set of 25 gorgeous SVG Icons with PNG fallbacks.  Each icon is designed to be used as the background of an anchor, and each icon has its own class as well as a couple of global classes. They are all set to be inline, so you can put them up against each other, in line with your text, or in any kind of layout or construct.

When you consider how common ultra-high resolution screens have become and couple that with the ubiquity of low-bandwidth mobile connections it becomes clear that we need to start really exploring and using alternate image methods. Since they are defined by vector shapes and colors rather than bitmaps, SVG files can be much smaller than a comparable PNG or JPG while also supporting any arbitrary size. The designers of the icon set did a great job putting together a series of refined, vibrant icons that rely on modern browser support for SVG (with small PNG fallbacks).

SVG images are still somewhat poorly understood and underutilised — the hope is that playground pieces like this will start to really illustrate their value and lead to greater understanding and adoption (starting with our own understanding).

Requirements: SVG
License: CC Attribution 3.0 License

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