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Jul 13, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 7/13/2012 Tags: , , , , ,

taciónJS - A jQuery Mobile Framework For Creating Real-Time Presentations

taciónJS is a jQuery Mobile framework for creating real-time presentations.  One of the great features you get with tación is syncing. 
Syncing is a mechanism that allows the presenter and his audience to keep in sync. To help add clarity to the notion of syncing, tacion employs the metaphor of a driver (the presenter) and passengers (the audience). When the driver's device transitions to a new slide, he triggers an event on a sync channel. Passengers, viewing the presentation on their own devices, consume events on the sync channel, and transition to the same state as the driver.

Syncing allows a for a new, distributed type of presentation that can engage the audience in never-before seen ways. However, because not every implementation may call for syncing, its inclusion in each presentation is optional. To opt-in to syncing, one only need to define the "pusher" property in their manifest.json file. This property should provide a valid API key to the Pusher WebService.

So, what is Pusher? Pusher is an online service that makes it easy to add real-time communication to your web app. Pusher is free to sign up, and their free usage limits are pretty generous. Tacion uses Pusher to establish a "sync channel", all without forcing the implementor to host their own server.

Of course, integration with Pusher is arbitrary, and tacion will eventually support running your own socket server (if you so wish).

Requirements: jQuery, jQuery Mobile
License: MIT License or GPLv2

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