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Oct 11, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 10/11/2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

JSONiq - The JSON Query Language


JSOniq is an expressive and highly optimizable language to query and update NoSQL stores. It enables developers to leverage the same productive high-level language across a variety of NoSQL products.

JSONiq extends XQuery, a mature W3C standard, with native JSON support. Like XQuery and SQL, JSONiq is declarative: Expressions can nest with full composability.

Project, Filter, Join, Group... Like SQL, JSONiq can do all that. And it has many more features inherited from XQuery. JSONiq also inherits all XQuery builtin functions: date times, string manipulation, regular expressions, and more.

The JSONiq syntax enables to dynamically construct objects and arrays using a syntax close to JSON. Nesting of expressions inside these constructors are allowed. JSONiq also provides a syntax for updating JSON objects and array.

From there, developers can benefit from expressive power inherited by XQuery.

JSON is now being used in many of the same environments as XML, and a variety of JSON query languages are emerging, including MongoDB's BSON, IBM's jaql, and CouchDB and Sqlite's UnQL. JSONiq is a query language based on XQuery, which makes it easy for an XQuery processor to support JSON in the same environments that currently use XQuery.

For environments that do not need XML, JSONiq defines a profile that uses only JSON. This profile is much simpler than XQuery, and easier to optimize. For environments that need to process both XML and JSON, JSONiq defines a profile that can produce or consume any combination of JSON, XML, or HTML.

JSON is a good lightweight data structure that is very useful in places where XML is more complex and less efficient. Adding JSON to XQuery simplifies complex queries for programmers, and provides query writers with simple, efficient intermediate data structures.

Requirements: None
License: Creative Commons 3.0

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