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Nov 29, 2012

Division - A Responsive Grid System Inspired By Foundation


Division isn't anything revolutionary when it comes to grids or grid customization. Inspired indirectly by Foundation, yet designed with the undesigner in mind.  Division is responsive with mobile specific options.

There are a couple major differences between Division and a grid like Foundation or Twitter Bootstrap. First is the naming convention, which is set up for lightning fast prototyping.  You no longer have to be concerned with how many columns an element must be in order to be two thirds, or one third, or three-fifths.  This is an excellent starting point for designers who are doing rapid prototyping of a concept before handing it over to developers.

Second is the amount of clutter.  Division runs a very clean shop in comparison to other popular grids.  While using a simple CSS reset, thanks to Eric Meyer, Division keeps the rest of the grid to a minimum. You don't need to "undo" styles in order to apply your own. Especially to elements like forms, lists, buttons, and blockquotes. Your design is yours, and Division lets it to stay that way.  The grid weighs in at only 8KB, and 12KB including the CSS reset.

Division also includes Respond.js, a great script for adding CSS3 Media Query support to older versions of IE, and is fully compatible with Division, unlike with some other grids.

Requirements: None
License: CC Attribution 3.0 License

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