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Nov 6, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 11/06/2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Ratchet - A Tool To Prototype iPhone Apps With HTML, CSS And JS Components


Ratchet is a tool to prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components.  Ratchet has a list of components it supports, among which are:

  • Title bar - Title bars are full width and docked to the top of the viewport.
  • Lists - Lists can be used for organizing data, showing collections of links or a series of controls.
  • Buttons - Buttons come in four flavors and should be used for user actions.
  • Segmented controller - Created with flex-box so button sizes and spacing are consistent. Content sections that are to be swapped in and out by the controller should all be siblings and have the class "segmented-controller-item". Then, just give each content section an id and point the link in the segmented controller to that id.
  • Counts - Counts come in four flavors and should be used to indicate "how many" of something there are.
  • Forms
  • Toggles - Toggles can be used by sliding or tapping the control.
  • Popovers - Popovers are designed to only fire from title bars.
  • Sliders - Can be used with any number of slides with any type of content.
  • Push - Push.js is the engine that connects Ratchet pages together with AJAX and the history api. Push.js is listening to all clicks on a page, so just make sure it's included and link something in your Ratchet project up.

Requirements: None
License: MIT License

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