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Dec 16, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 12/16/2012 Tags:

Announcement: Functionn Has A New Address! We Are Now At


Functionn has been online for nearly a year now.  What started a small project has become something quite big and important, both to readers of the blog and us.  As this year ends, we’ve decided to get Functionn a new home.  We can now be found at

What Does This Mean To Our Readers?

The good news is that the change of domain will not have any impact on your bookmarks or links to Functionn.  Everything will redirect properly from the old domain to the new one.

If you remembered the blog by the address, then it will be even easier to remember it now.  It’s just  However, there is also some bad news – not that it will affect our readers of course!  We’d like to share our domain purchasing experience with you.

Firstly we have to have to explain the decision behind the address.  We had long planned to get a top-level domain instead of the generic Blogger subdomain, Around October, we did an availability check for our first choice domain for Functionn:

It was available and we planned to purchase it as soon as possible.  However, some problems cropped up with the payment infrastructure on our end, and the purchase of the domain was delayed.  When we finally managed to resolved the problem with our bank, we went full steam ahead to buy the .com domain.

However to our dismay we found that had already been bought by somebody else.  At first it seemed like it might have been just a coincidence that the address was taken.  However, we soon found out there was more to it than met the eye at the time.

The Copycat Blogger

We found out that the purchaser of the domain had plans to plagiarize Functionn and mislead our readers.  At the time of writing of this post, the copycat blogger had already setup a WordPress blog, named it Functionn itself, with a similar tagline (Resources for Web developers and designers) and copied posts from this blog to his own copycat blog.

It’s very sad to see such things happening.  It was also very disheartening not to get our preferred domain name.  However, as we examined alternatives to the .com domain, we thought we found an even better address for Functionn.

The Story Behind The Name

When we were exploring alternative extensions for our domain, we found that was available.  At first, it did not look anything special to us, but then we realized that if we spoke it as a whole word, it had the same pronunciation as functionning!

We then decided that this word could fit into an updated tagline of ours and we came up with a new tagline, which associated the website more to it’s address.  We decided to update our tagline to a slightly more cheesy one – Functionn – Open Source Web Resources To Keep Web Developers & Designers’!

The idea behind the name and the tagline was that Functionn was a blog which provided web resources which allowed web developers do to their work easily.  Often visitors come here looking for a specific library or tool which provides a functionality they needed at the time.  Hence Functionn keeps them functionning, hence the address and tagline!

To be honest, we were quite happy with it and we’ve done a rebranding of all of our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest) and put the tagline everywhere to associate the address to the brand.

Final Words

As Functionn moves into 2013, we aim to provide better content and more of the same that made Functionn a success in 2012.  We have huge plans for the website and you shall see us unveiling them very soon in the future.  We hope to keep you updated with more web resources and useful information continuously!  Stay tuned and keep’!

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