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Dec 24, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 12/24/2012 Tags: , , , ,

Cursores.js - A JavaScript Library To Get And Replace Tokens Under The Cursor


Cursores.js (cur·so·res) is a JavaScript library from Bitbucket which allows you to get the word on which the cursor is current within, and replace it if you wish.  Cursores.js works in textareas, inputs or plain strings.

Cursores.js uses regex to match the characters before and after the cursor.  It also allows you to specify the ‘search window’ which is the number of characters before and after the cursor you want to match for the word within which the cursor is.

A simple example usage of Cursores.js would be as follows. Consider that you have the following text in a textarea:  “Functionn – Open Source Web Reso|urces To Keep Developers’” where the pipe (|) is the position of the cursor in the textbox.

Cursores.js would return the word token current under the cursor as being ‘Resource’.  You could then use the replace method of Cursores.js to replace the word with something else.

Browser Support

Cursores.js supports all modern browsers which implements the methods selectionStart and setSelectionRange() , including IE9.

Requirements: None
License: Apache License v2.0

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