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Jan 1, 2013

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 1/01/2013 Tags: , ,

boxbox - A Framework For Making Games With The box2D Physics Engine


boxbox is a framework for making games with the box2d physics engine. Technically, it’s not the same C++ box2D library that’s being used, but rather box2dweb, which is a JavaScript port of box2dflash, which itself is a port of box2D for C++.

While the original box2D C++ physics engine has a difficult API to learn if you’re not proficient with C++, boxbox  provides a simple API in JavaScript for you to make full use of the physics engine.  There are difference between box2D and boxbox.

While in box2D we work with fixtures, bodies and shapes, in boxbox, we work solely with entities.  We can also attach event to those entities rather than the whole world, use common configurations among those entities and use built-in canvas rendering with image support.

Requirements: None
License: MIT License

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