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Jan 2, 2013

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 1/02/2013 Tags: , , ,

MessagePack - A Fast And Small JSON-Like Efficient Binary Serialization Format


MessagePack is a binary serialization format which is similar to JSON but also faster and smaller. MessagePack allows you to exchange data among various language, similar to what JSON already achieves, but in a more efficient manner.

MessagePack is meant to be used to represent simple data structures like arrays, associative arrays, etc.  It aims to be as compact and as simple as possible. MessagePack adds some extra magic by encoding small integers into single byte and common short strings only require and extra byte in addition to the string themselves.

Compared to JSON, MessagePack is more compact but imposes limitations on arrays and integers.  However one advantage it has over JSON is that it allows binary data and non-UTF-8 encoded strings.

As for BSON, MessagePack  is more space-efficient than the former, due to the fact that BSON requires zero-byte terminators at the end of all strings and inserts string indexes for list elements while MessagePack  does not.

MessagePack is available for several language, namely: Ruby, Python, Perl, C/C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, C#, Lua, Scala, D, , Haskell, Erlang, OCaml, Smalltalk, Go and LabVIEW.

Requirements: None
License: Apache License v2.0

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