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Jan 16, 2013

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 1/16/2013 Tags: ,

Vagrant - Create & Configure Lightweight, Reproducible & Portable Development Environments


Vagrant is a cross-platform application which runs on Windows, MAC OS X and any popular Linux distribution, which allows you to create, configure and reproduce portable development environments for you to work within.

The concept is very simple. You download Vagrant on your OS and install it.  Vagrant uses Oracle’s VirtualBox to create the virtual environments.  It create those environment your need, allows you to configure them, and then save them.

Now when you are on another system, be it a Windows, MAC OS X or Linux, and you need to deploy that environment you previously created, you install Vagrant which will download and install VirtualBox (which run on the same triad of OSes that Vagrant runs) and then setup the environment you previously defined.

Vagrant has a list of prominent users such as Disqus, BBC, Nokia, Mozilla and more – so you know it can be trusted to do the job.

Requirements: Oracle’s VirtualBox
License: MIT License

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