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Jul 2, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 7/02/2012 Tags: , , ,

EuropaPHP - An Extremely Fast, Flexible And Lightweight MVC Framework For PHP 5.4+

EuropaPHP is an extremely fast, flexible and lightweight MVC Framework designed for PHP 5.4+.  EuropaPHP is the manifestation of the shortcomings of other PHP frameworks with a strong focus on scalability, standards, the view/controller relationship and dependency injection. It is specifically designed to be paired with your favourite libraries and it will seamlessly integrate with anything.


  • Fast & ScalableBeing one of the fastest frameworks is one thing, but being one of the fastest in real world circumstances is another.
  • EfficientIt not only saves your server CPU cycles and your users time, the carefully engineered KISS API will also save you time.
  • ModularEuropa effortlessly integrates with any framework or library because it is functionally coherent, loosely coupled and follows widely accepted standards.
  • ExtensibleEvery bit of code is written with extensibility, maintainability, portability and ease of use in mind by making liberal use of namespaces, interfaces and abstract classes.
  • CleanThe code is wrought from the hands of talented, passionate developers that are constantly striving to write better code.
  • SimpleEuropa does not do everything, but is meant to do what it does effectively and utilize other awesome tools like Twig, Doctrine and Zend for what they do well.

Requirements: PHP 5.4+
License: BSD License

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