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Jul 2, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 7/02/2012 Tags: ,

Giveaway 5X Handy Backup Licenses

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use backup program designed for an automatic backup and restoration of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD devices, flash drives and remote FTP/SFTP servers. You can use Handy Backup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system.

The people at Novosoft were kind enough to provide 5 licenses of Handy Backup Standard to giveaway to the readers of Functionn.  To win, you just had to tweet the following phrase and post a link to your tweet here as comment, in the comment box below.  5 random lucky readers will be selected when the giveaway ends on Monday 9th of July 2012 and given a license to Handy Backup standard.  You need to tweet the following phrase, including the link:

I really want to win the Handy Backup giveaway on @functionn_blog -

"Handy Backup 7.1.3 is here! It’s a recent solution from Novosoft, a company which is already made itself a reputation with previous Handy Backup versions. With every new version we are trying to implement a pack of new features (plus bug fixes, of course) and backup plugins . Handy Backup 7.1.3 is no exception.

This release is powerful. It literally chews up every task of backup and restore you can think of! Differential, incremental, hot, network, file- and block-based backups are all here. The same holds for restore and synchronization data tasks and additional backup plugins. Just start  with program’s handy startup wizard and create any task you need.

All of these being available at every recent Windows platform existing. Even more - Handy Backup 7 doesn’t fear Linux!

Scheduling system is commonly recognized as one the industry's best. It offers a vast amount of configurations and customizations, and even the most exclusive demands will be satisfied. Those with a thing against manual maintenance can relax either, because Handy Backup 7.1.3 is oriented toward smart automation and managing backup worries before a user might get a chance to know about them.

You just need to set up all the things once. Be sure the program performs with little-to-none issues of any sort. The specific feature of Handy Backup 7.1.3. is the automatic crash-dumps concept, which guarantees fast and safe error management.

But even this dream-like functional can be expanded with the help of different backup plugins.

There are free plugins for a bulk of popular applications, like Photoshop. These ones were created by the users from our Handy Backup community.

The other, non-free plugins are being developed by our specialists on a professional basis. They offer advanced functionality (i. e. MS SQL backup or hot disk imaging) for a reasonable price.

So start now and explore all the features of our new solution!"

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