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Dec 1, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 12/01/2012 Tags: , , , , , ,

RubyJS - A JavaScript Standard Library Based On The Ruby Core-Lib


RubyJS is a JavaScript implementation of all methods from Ruby classes like Array, String, Numbers, Time and more.  RubyJS is free for personal use only.


  • 100% JavaScript - RubyJS is built on top of JavaScript. It runs in all browsers. No additional tools needed.
  • Works Like Ruby - Easily port code from Ruby to JavaScript. Become productive in JavaScript in hours. Fully tested with rubyspec.
  • Fast And Small - 20 kilobytes minified and gzipped. It is as fast or faster than comparable libraries.
  • Utility Belt Or OO - Use RubyJS like a utility belt, transforming arrays, string and continue with native objects. Or use the fully-fledged RubyJS objects and make use of their mutator (aka bang) methods.
  • All-In-One Library - String, Array, Time, Numbers, Range, and more. RubyJS gives you the power of multiple 3rd party libraries, with one coherent API. So you only have to learn, manage and update one.
  • Ruby Features - Block arguments, destructive (bang-) methods, duck-typing, special variables, mixins.

Requirements: None
License: AGPL

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