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Dec 1, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 12/01/2012 Tags: , , , , , ,

Zurb Responsive Email Templates


Zurb Responsive Email Templates is a set of super awesome email templates so that you can make your email campaigns responsive.  With more and more people pulling out their phones to check their email, Zurb knew there had to be an easier way to ensure campaigns looked good on any device.  That's why they recently made all all their email campaigns responsive.  Which had a lot of folks asking if Zurb could do the same for them. And so they did.

There are five templates available in the bundle:

  • Basic - This template is perfect for sending a basic but nice looking email to your readers.
  • Hero - Want to include a snazzy hero image in your email? This template is for you!
  • Sidebar Preview - This template includes a sidebar area for a list of links, perfect for linking to additional content.
  • Sidebar Hero - Want a sidebar and a hero image? Let's go crazy! This template combines the Sidebar and Hero templates.
  • Newsletter - This template is perfect for a point-by-point newsletter. For good measure, we've thrown in a hero image, too.

Supported Email Clients

  • Gmail (Desktop)
  • Gmail (Mobile) - If the same email is sent repeatedly Gmail will clip it, causing the layout to appear slightly wonky.
  • Gmail (iOS)       
  • Gmail (Android)       
  • Yahoo Mail (Desktop)       
  • Yahoo Mail (Mobile)       
  • Mail (iOS)       
  • Mail (OSX)       
  • Email (Android)       
  • Outlook 2000-2003 (Not Supported)
  • Outlook 2007 (Not Supported)
  • Outlook 2012       
  • Hotmail (Desktop) - Headers are green sometimes.
  • Hotmail (Mobile) - Body is 15px too wide to the right - might be a padding issue.
  • Thunderbird (Not Supported)
  • Sparrow (iOS)       
  • Sparrow (Desktop)

Requirements: None
License: Free

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