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Dec 14, 2012

Author: Hirvesh Posted At: 12/14/2012 Tags: , , , ,

AlbumColors.js - A JavaScript Library To Create A Three Color Palette From An Image


AlbumColors.js is a JavaScript library to pick 3 colors from an image to create a palette for background and text colors, inspired by iTunes 11.

The Algorithm

The algorithm is simple:

  • 1. Load image from URL into canvas and get the color array by pixels (AlbumImage)
  • 2 Find n (default 10) major colors from the pixel array (AlbumColors)
  • 2.1. Diide color spectrum into 64 buckets
  • 2.2. Add each color into one of the bucket with a simple approximation
  • 2.3. Take the 10 buckets with the largest number of colors in them
  • 2.4. Averaging the colors in the dominating buckets to get the presenting color for the buckets
  • 3. Among the 10 major colors, pick out 3 (colorChooser)
  • 3.1. Color distance is simply defined as the Euclidean distance
  • 3.2. The most dominating color (ColorA) will be the background
  • 3.3. The color that is most distanced from ColorA, ColorB, will be text color 1
  • 3.4. The color that is second distanced form ColorA, ColorC, will be text color 2

Requirements: None
Demo: http://albumcolors…lastfm/?lastfm=willowm
License: NCSA License

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